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We need to make asking for help and giving more normal and expected. Don't be afraid to ask for help and be willing to give when someone genuinely needs it. GoFundMe pages shouldn't struggle when someone's house burns down or is struggling to afford food because their health is bad and can't work.

We live in the internet age where suffering could be drastically reduced in the matter of minutes. Simply by donating our money to the causes we believe in. Twitch streamers do pretty good. They stream fundraisers and greatly help charities but I think we can do better. I want someone to make an app that makes it normal for us to donate a portion of our income to causes.

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Pharmaceutical kickback lawsuits are in the hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions. Kickbacks are bribes from big pharma companies to doctors. Bribes such as money, free expensive meals, vacations, nice cars and boats, etc... If you don't believe me, you're in denial. Kickbacks are legitimate lawsuits that have happened and can be accessed by anyone to see. This is one of the main reasons why I fear the medical field. Pharmaceutical companies have so much money they literally control the health system. Whoever has the most money wins 90% of the time. Quite frankly I don't think we'll ever get control back in the medical field. Maybe as technologies advance they'll have no choice but to give up their power. Otherwise the only option is to self educate and choose very carefully when it's time to see a doctor. I myself very likely need surgery soon and have to make the decision that it's the right thing to do. My biggest fear is long term and irreversible treatments from doctors. Removing organs is a very risky thing to do. Especially when there are so many people getting better from alternative medicine and opt out of medical treatment. We need to take our power back. We need to refuse these poisonus money making treatments when we can and doctor ourselves. Vote with your money. If we keep refusing and speaking up about dangerous practices, they'll have no choice but to change. If not change, we'll break away from their civilization.⠀

Do you live with or near your family? Would you ever leave your family for a job?

Blue zone research shows one of the main keys to longevity is family. Having a happy family literally slows down aging and improves improves quality of life. In the US we're taught we should move out of our parent's homes as quickly as possible. In other countries families stick together. There shouldn't be embarrassment to live with your family but rather gratefulness. Family is all we have at the end of the day. Your career doesn't matter as much as your family!


Not hating on sports. I'm hating on our incompetence to help each other when it really matters. All of the people involved in entertainment is more than enough to resolve hunger, poverty and poor health. We need to learn how to put in just as much energy in helping our people as we do in entertainment. We need to make compassion cool.

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Let's be real. If you think you're going to live a full life eating from a boxed food isle, you're going to be in trouble...



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