Welcome to Tha Grow Space! A spirituality, gardening holistic health social network. Tha place to grow your plants, health, friendships, love, knowledge, conscious business and more. Our website was developed to help you easily network with like-minded natural health and gardening enthusiasts from all around the world. This social network is the simplest designed and most advanced natural health social network in the world. Tha Grow Space is free to join and will always be free. Take note our mobile version is currently in development so there will be some minor bugs. ThaGrow.Space v 0.0.6

Site Rules

Please do: Only post what you're willing to let the world see. Be kind to others. Support each other. Show some love! Provide detailed facts. Help someone if they're in need. Respect other belief systems. Express yourself artistically.

Prohibited: Intentionally spreading false information. Hate speech. Death threats. Bullying. Sexual harassment. Public nudity. "Keep it private"

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Newsfeed temporarily disabled while I work on finding a fix for a bug.

- Brandon Goji

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